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No two forests are the same, with their management and impact on the environment varying greatly.

eLandNZ works with existing and potential foresters to help them assess their needs, for their land and local environment. In conjunction with government regulations, we determine how best to manage their forests in order to maximise the environmental benefits and economic returns long term.

eLandNZ has pivoted away from the traditional migratory beekeeping approach and has created a land use model based on permanent apiculture. This method supports the production and control of premium-quality, Manuka honey and oil, by ensuring the plants supplying the source nectar and leaves are cultivated to take full advantage of the landscape, climate and environment. Bee care and hive management is also a critical factor to success, which is why eLandNZ has partnered with some of the most renowned beekeepers in the country.

New Zealand has an extensive network of waterways throughout the country that support a number native plant and animal species. Over recent years, these delicate ecosystems have become polluted and damaged through poor agriculture management, urban spread and a number of anthropogenic factors.

eLandNZ understands the critical importance of protecting and regenerating these habitats in order to improve the quality of water and the environs of the species that depend on it.

Climate change is one of the defining issues of our time. To help manage climate change, New Zealand has introduced the Zero Carbon Bill, which aims to limit the global average temperature increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

eLandNZ has created a unique model that enables farmers and land owners to transition part of their land to trees. This allows them to benefit from a long-term passive income through carbon sequestration, while also supporting the local communities by maintaining and creating jobs and keeping farmers and their families on the land.

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