forestry — September, 2023

Aratu and eLandNZ native planting project update

eLandNZ and Aratu are now over two years into our riparian planting project and thought we were well overdue giving an update on progress.

Life has not been easy in the East Coast this year with the weather creating catastrophic damage. The images that have been splashed across the media following these events shows the critical importance of native planting programmes to help stabilise erosion prone land and stop slash entering waterways.

Fortunately we have some positive news to report as a recent visit to check on our year 1 and 2 plantings show that they are thriving, even after the storms.  Here’s a picture of eLandNZ MD Sheldon Drummond (who’s over 6ft tall) next to one of our 2021 plantings and you can see that this youthful plant is matching Sheldon in stature.

And to prove it’s not just a single plant that is going gangbusters, below are a couple of shots from a flyover at the same time showing good growth across the board.

So while these images show that we’re definitely doing things right, we do have a bit of sad news.  The weather really impacted our planned 2023 seedlings in the nursery to the point where they became unusable. This has meant that we have had to have a planting bye this year but we’ll be back in force next year. Whilst it’s super disappointing to miss a year, we are taking all the ups and downs on the chin and learning from the experiences so we can keep on improving our processes.

But we have used this time wisely and been busily working on a really exciting environmental partnership with some pretty impressive cohorts that we will update you on shortly.

If you would like to hear more about our project, feel free to drop us a line or give us a call as we are always keen to share and learn. Link to contact us page.