Apiculture Forest

Apiculture Forestry - Whareroa Station

Whareroa is a Maori Incorporation that has owned their land in Taupo for 250 years. Since 1950 the land has been used for beef and sheep farming.

In 2016 Whareroa Incorporation contacted eLandNZ to seek support in transitioning them from a traditional farming business to a more sustainable land use operation. eLandNZ was mandated with recommending, implementing and funding the change which culminated in a joint venture.

eLandNZ developed a ‘back to the future’ model. Essentially taking a portion of farmland back to native forest which it was originally. eLandNZ planted over 500 hectares of Manuka on the farmland which will generate revenue for Whareroa from both Manuka honey and oil production as well as from carbon generated by the Manuka forest.

eLandNZ worked with the Whareroa committee to restructure the Incorporation financially and physically to support the change in land use and operations. This included negotiating and managing agreements with neighbouring farms to create beneficial arrangements to support each farms' core business. Stock was sold and land was leased between the farms allowing each farm to 'share' the land and stock in a sustainable and mutually advantageous manner.

At the time of establishment the Manuka plantation at Whareroa Station was the largest in the country.